Friday, May 27, 2005


Everyone reading this essay knows of someone who has contracted cancer, heart disease or arthritis. Everyone, including the media, is interested in a cure for cancer. The media lavishes attention on finding a breast cancer cure, early detection and treatment options. Conspicuously absent is a focus on the very significant role of diet and nutrition in both preventing and treating cancer.

Aren't dietary and lifestyle reforms at least as important as finding a cancer cure? Certainly, we can and should choose a diet and lifestyle that minimizes our risk of contracting cancer and other degenerative diseases. The wise cancer patient will chose a diet and mode of living that maximizes her ability to fight cancer.

Studies have shown that vegetarians have much less cancer ( 50% less ) than nonvegetarians. The link between higher fat consumption and the increasing ccurence of common cancers has been known for years. We also know that the link between fat and breast cancer is also well established because breast tumors are fueled by estrogens. Women who eat a plant-based, low fat diet can quickly drop their estrogen level.

A National Cancer Institute report stated that vegetables and fruits protect against cancers if consumed in large enough quantities. Hundreds of scientific studies have determined this. Research indicates that raw vegetables contain the most powerful anti-cancer ingredients of all foods. And beans, including soy, have added anti-cancer benefits protecting against reproductive cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer.

In his book "Eat to Live," Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains: "Research shows that those who avoid meat and dairy have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. The data is conclusive: vegetarians live longer in America, probably a lot longer. Remember, long-term vegans almost never get heart attacks." To quote a respected authority, William Castelli, M.D., director of the famed Framingham Heart Study: "We tend to scoff at vegetarians, but they're actually doing much better than we are. Vegans have cholesterol levels so low, they almost never get heart attacks."

Coronary artery disease and its end result - heart attacks, the leading killer of American men and women - is almost 100 percent preventable. Cholesterol levels can de decreased by reducing both saturated fat and animal protein while eating more plant protein.

Dr. Fuhrman explains in his book "Fasting and Eating for Health" that it cannot be denied that vegetarian populations live longer and healthier lives than meat-eating populations. Not only does the epidemiologic evidence from around the globe point to this, but also the studies on healthy vegetarian populations show that there is a significant survival advantage when animal foods are eliminated from the diet.

He continues, "Studies comparing vegetarians to nonvegetarian groups show much less cancer among vegetarians, especially those avoiding dairy products. Whenever we look at populations who consume high levels of fruits and vegetables, we find reduced levels of cancer and disease in general. Just as heart disease and cancers are strongly related to a high consumption of animal foods, the same can be said of autoimmune illnesses and osteoporosis. Multiple studies have linked osteoporosis not to low calcium intake, but to diets high in protein, salt, refined sugar, caffeine, and phosphorous contained in soft drinks."

In America, eating sugary, fatty foods is the great American pastime. Eating junkfood has become a virtual secular religion based on gluttony and hedonism as the goal of human life. Billion-dollar corporations saturate the American body and psyche with their fat-laden, artery-clogging, cancer-causing garbagefare which is helping to create epidemics of arthritis, cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc.

Bad luck or accidents are not the reasons that people develop chronic degenerative diseases, rather, these conditions are earned through years of poor dietary habits and poor nutrition. Consider too, the long-term effects of smoking or exposure to environmental toxins and the source of common diseases is less of a mystery.

Yet, these serious, debilitating illnesses can be reversed. Joel Fuhrman M.D. writes in his book "Fasting and Eating for Health" that he has helped hundreds of patients recover from serious, degenerative diseases by fasting and eating a healthy, low-fat vegan diet. Joel Fuhrman's book should be read and thoroughly digested by all medical doctors and serious laymen. Visit Joel Fuhrman's website at

Dr. Dean Ornish mentions in the book "Breast Cancer - Beyond Convention" that "incidences of clinically significant prostate, breast and colon cancers are much lower in parts of the world that eat a predominately low-fat, whole-foods, plant-based diet. Subgroups of people in the United States who eat this diet also have much lower rates of these cancers than those who eat a typical American diet."

Despite increasingly sophisticated methods of diagnosis and treatment, our so-called "War on Cancer" is being lost; cancer is still the second leading cause of death in the United States. The War on Cancer and other degenerative diseases is being lost because the standard American diet is more powerful at creating disease than medical science is at curing it.

We all know that obesity is a national epidemic which is fueled by ceaseless TV commercials reminding us of the joys of gluttony. Where are the commercials reminding us of the health hazards of these foods? Some of these "foods" are so dangerous they should be seved with a warning label.

Early detection, surgery and radiation can be very effective treatments against cancer, but they cannot prevent a reccurence of the disease, which is quite common. A true cure consists of correcting the underlying causes of the cancer using proper diet, lifestyle and nutrition. And standard medical treatments cannot reverse conditions that are operating concurrently with cancer. For that, a holistic approach is needed.

Actually, few if any diseases, can really be cured by modern medicine. It is a basic fact that drugs and surgery cannot cure disease. A true "miracle drug" would be one with no side effect, and that miracle has yet to occur. All drugs are basically toxins that when injested will accumulate in the body. But a healthy, low-fat vegan diet can allow the body to heal itself because the proper healing environment is created and all obstacles to healing are removed.

Symptoms may be relieved, pain diminished, and offending body parts removed, but the underlying causes of the disease must be addressed for a true cure to occur. Holistic medicine does not view cancer as a localized, foreign invader as much as it is the body's attempt to localize toxins resulting from poor diet, wrong lifestyle and/or a toxic environment.

Cancer and other serious, degenerative diseases are at epidemic proportions because people are not living in harmony with natural laws of diet and healthy living. Eating greasy- fried double bacon cheeseburgers, french fries, double-layer pizzas, ice cream and more has mass appeal, which is why we have massive amounts of disease. It is no great secret that the American diet is highly toxic.

According to Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About," the so-called "war on cancer" is a fraud. The book states: "Consider that modern Western medicine has "searched" for the "cause" and "cure" for cancer and other degenerative diseases for well over 100 years and has failed miserably even though:

1.) The mission was entrusted to the "best" researchers in the medical, academic and industrial sectors.

2.) They have private and government contracts with huge amounts of money.

3.) They falsify reasearch procedures, lie about results and cover for each other.

Dr. Linus Pauling, PhD., twice Nobel laureate, called the war on cancer largely a failure.

The natural porpose and driving force of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase their sales of pharmaceutical drugs that treat ongoing diseases, and to find new diseases or rename old diseases to market their existing drugs.

The eradication of any disease inevitably destroys a multi-billion dollar market for prescription drugs as a source of revenue. Therefore, deadly toxic chemical drugs are developed to treat symptoms but not cure anything."

It's been known for at least a hundred years that a natural raw foods diet, colonics, fasting, vitamins and minerals can be used to cure the vast majority of diseases. Pharmaceutical companies and the food industry control the media, and they absolutely do not want natural cures for any disease made known to the public.

Millions of people suffer from painful inflammatory conditions. Here again, it is NOT meat and dairy to the rescue - it is fruits and vegetables. Anti-
inflammatory eating can be boiled down to six simple rules:

1.) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables - at least five servings each day
2.) Add flaxseed oil to your diet
3.) Eat very little meat, poultry, cheese, butter, and other animal products - or become a vegetarian or vegan.
4.) Take a multi-vitamin mineral supplement everyday
5.) Eat less
6.) Eliminate or at least decrease junkfood intake

As if mountains of scientific evidence are not enough, we also have personal testimonies of people who have lived on a strict, whole-foods vegan diet. Paul Bragg was one such individual and in his book "The Miracle of Fasting" he stated that even though he was past 85 years of age, he could jog several miles, swim, and even perform difficult yoga postures while standing on his head! Imagine Robert Atkins performing such feats.

Robert Atkins himself had suffered a heart attack while eating one of his artery-clogging, fat-laden breakfasts on April 25, 2002. But he and his cardiologist said it was not diet related! Atkins was also clinically obese at the time of death. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that massive quantities of satured fat and cholesterol will eventually wreak revenge on the human body. I'd like to see a single legitimate study showing that Atkins dieters are living long and healthy lives.

For some reason, the general public more readily accepts the reality of living - or dying - with serious, self-imposed diseases than it does in changing dietary habits. To become a junkfood vegetarian is not the goal. Hundreds of healthy, tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes exist in books, magazines and on the Web. However, to reverse diseases a very strict low-fat, healthy vegan diet is required, although depending on the condition, some people eat a small amount of fish. Sometimes fasting is necessary, which will require expert supervision, depending on the severity of the illness.

Diseases among middle-aged and elderly people is the rule not the exception. The American Medical Association, the media, and most doctors have little appetite for natural healing methods that use diet and/or fasting, and this is a major disservice to the American public. Instead of reading about hundreds of people cured of serious, debilitating diseases using naturopathy, we have been saturated with articles about the Atkins Diet. Where are the studies showing us that Atkins dieters are living long and healthy lives? Where is the evidence showing us that meat and dairy are effective foods to fight cancer, heart disease, or any disease for that matter?

Fighting disease is not only big business - it is serious business. A wise person will reflect on what causes diseases to form and what foods are most effective at preventing or controlling these conditions. An ounce of prevention is worth at least a pound of cure. - By Scott Palczak


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A diet containing plenty of processed meats, like hot dogs and sausages, raises the risk of pancreatic cancer, according to a large multiethnic study unveiled on Wednesday.

Researchers found that heavy consumers of processed meats - 40 grams a day or more - were 67 percent more likely to develop cancer of the pancreas than study partcipants with the lowest intake.

In addition, a diet rich in pork and red meat - 70 grams a day or more - also increased pancreatic cancer risk by about 50 percent, according to the study.

Meat consumption has been linked to pancreatic cancer in the past, but study results have been inconsistent.

This seven-year study examined the relationship between diet and pancreatic cancer in 190,545 men and women of African - American, Japanese - American, Caucasian, Latino and Native Hawaiian descent.

It is believed that chemical reactions that occur during the preparation of processed meats might be responsible for the association.

The results were reported at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Anaheim, California.