Friday, July 21, 2006


Meat eaters, animal killers and animal haters have much to smile about because they have - knowingly or unknowingly - ruined this planet. Look at the entire Middle East Holocaust and notice that none of this warfare was instigated or perpetuated by vegetarians or animal rights people.

Notice the high rates of heart disease, cancer and other serious degenerative diseases that are at epidemic proportions. And then notice how the meat eaters and animal haters laugh at the vegans and vegetarians who are intent on saving animal lives and who promote a sane and nutritious way to live. Notice how the meat eaters cannot seem to get enough of the junk food that causes so much misery in our society, and how these same people trivialize a sane vegan or vegetarian lifestyle - a lifestyle bent on minimizing animal suffering.

Where is it written that meat eaters are more ethical than vegetarians, vegans or animal rights activists? Look around and you'll see that our wars were not started by vegetarians. Was the Vietnam War - which killed, wounded and crippled hundreds of thousands of people - started and perpetuated by vegans? George Bush and Dick Cheney tossed this country into the Iraqi furnace; they definitely are not vegetarians. In fact, Old Dick is an avid duck hunter.

Our jails, prisons, mental hospitals and entire penal system are not filled with vegetarians or animal rights activists. I'd like to see a single legitimate study showing that vegetarians have a higher percentage of wife-beating alcoholics than the general meat-eating public. Am I to believe that most pimps, drug users, drug dealers, prostitutes, killer cops and cop killers are vegetarians? Where are the studies proving that people eating a high animal-protein diet are living longer, healthier lives than strict vegetarians? I'll ask the more thoughtful reader this question: Of all the alcoholics, wife beaters, child abusers and drug addicts you may have known, how many of these people - and there are millions of them - were vegetarians or animal rights people? Probably none.

Osama Bin Laden and his merry band of head hunters are not vegans or vegetarians, and neither is George Bush or Dick Cheney. Perhaps if Old Dick had spent less time duck hunting and more time studying Middle Eastern policies, the U.S. wouldn't be embroiled in that vile Iraqi mess. The list of atrocities committed by meat eaters and people who are not animal rights activists is endless.

What I perceive is this: flesh-eaters exploiting other flesh eaters out of good-old-fashioned American greed. Look at the edipemics of heart disease, cancer and strokes, and you'll link them to double-bacon cheeseburgers, double - layer pizzas with extra toppings, fried chicken, etc. Vegans are NOT promoting this madness. Nor do vegetarians or animal rights people sell cigaretttes to lung cancer patients or whiskey to alcoholics. There is no evidence that animal rights people or vegetarians are heavily into drugs, alcohol, gambling, prostitution, wife beating, child abuse, street gangs, or police brutality.

Furthermore, numerous studies have determined that animal abusers can and will abuse children. Why aren't newspaper writers harping against people who abuse animals and children? Could it be that PETA - which is probably 70 percent female - is an easy target for newspaper writers who lack the courage and convictions to tackle bigger game.

People are foolish enough - or deluded enough - to put their faith in that crazy Atkins diet. They actually believe that eating liberally of meat, dairy, cheese, eggs and butter has no health consequences! What a convenient fantasy. Robert Atkins himself had suffered a heart attack while eating one of his artery-clogging, fat-laden breakfasts on April 25, 2002. But he and his cardiologist said it was not diet related! He was also clinically obese at the time of death. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that massive quantities of satured fat and cholesterol will eventually wreak revenge on the human body.

Read my essay on this blog titled "Vegetarians Have Less Disease," and you'll learn about the health benefits of eating a strict vegetarian and/or vegan diet. You'll learn that the vast majority of diseases can be reversed (cured) with a strict low-fat vegan diet. You will not aquire this knowledge from watching McDonald's or KFC commercials.

According to Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About," the so-called "war on cancer" is a fraud. The book states: "Consider that modern Western medicine has "searched" for the "cause" and "cure" for cancer and other degenerative diseases for well over 100 years and has failed miserably even though:

1.) The mission was entrusted to the "best" researchers in the medical, academic and industrial sectors.

2.) They have private and government contracts with huge amounts of money.

3.) They falsify reasearch procedures, lie about results and cover for each other.

Dr. Linus Pauling, PhD., twice Nobel laureate, called the war on cancer largely a failure.

The natural purpose and driving force of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase their sales of pharmaceutical drugs that treat ongoing diseases, and to find new diseases or rename old diseases to market their existing drugs.

The eradication of any disease inevitably destroys a multi-billion dollar market for prescription drugs as a source of revenue. Therefore, deadly toxic chemical drugs are developed to treat symptoms but not cure anything."

It's been known for at least a hundred years that a natural raw foods diet, colonics, fasting, vitamins and minerals can be used to cure the vast majority of diseases. Pharmaceutical companies and the food industry control the media, and they absolutely do not want natural cures for any disease made known to the public.

Each year, on the average, two to three people are killed in every state by hunters and approximatey 1,000 people are wounded. In 1988, 177 people were killed and 1,719 were injured by hunters. And don't forget the 150 MILLION animals (or more) that are shot at, killed and wounded annually in the United States.

A solitary hunter was indicted for starting California's largest wildlfire - called the Cedar Fire - which killed 15 people, destroyed 2,200 homes and charred 273,000 acres! And the hunting industry tells us how safe and careful hunters are! We are told by newspapers and our state wildlife agencies how wonderful hunting is, and that we must recruit children as young as eight years old to keep up this stupid tradition.

It's interesting that butchering animals and eating them is considered more rational than protecting them. It seems the masses are more driven by money and the pleasure principle than concern for their fellow creatures. It may be more "normal" to die from heart disease than it is to be a vegan, but I'll choose the latter.

As a society we do not need a single slaughterhouse. Not a single one! Nor do we need fur coats or rodeos or even one lonely rancher. All this unnecessary oppression of animals is optional. It exists for two main reasons: animals are killed for profit and they're killed for pleasure.

Animal abuse is a paradox because it is both ubiquitous and hidden at the same time. We all live within miles of a windowless, depressing slaughterhouse. People fish near our homes, animals are hunted within miles of our residence. But all this is hidden from public view, except for fishing. Domestic dogs are chained in junkyards and low-rent neighborhoods. Yet, all of this mass abuse is totally uneccessary! Society appears sane and humane. Ah, but look closer, behind closed doors, in houses or apartments, in parks at night, and you'll find children and animals being abused. And this abuse is a hidden epidemic.

That insolent icon of American success - or should I say decadence - the hamburger, is fast becoming a symbol of global destruction and environmental degradation. Ancient, noble and majestic rainforests are being plundered, gutted and charred to create yet more grazing land. Vast areas of the Amazon rain forest resemble Iraqi towns after a U.S. invasion. About FIFTY PERCENT of the earth's land surface is being used to graze livestock. Millions of bovines are causing world-wide deforestation and desertification merely to satisfy overfed Americans and Europeans with cheeseburgers and steaks.

In the United states alone, ranchers can legally access 260 million acres of public lands, most of which have been ruined by over 120 years of grazing. Ranching has the distasteful distinction of ruining more wildlife habitat and native vegetation than any other land use. It seems that wherever animals are abused - whether it be for sport or profit - nature is abused.

Here's a quote from the book "Waste of the West," written by Lynn Jacobs: "The ranching establishment's assault on the environment, therefore, includes campaigns against a huge number and variety of animals. Most of the score or so native large mammal species in the West have been decimated by ranching, both intentionally through slaughtering efforts and indirectly through the harmful effects of livestock grazing and ranching developments. Indeed, most larger and a great many smaller animal species are in some way assailed as enemies. The mass carnage carried outfor the sake of privately owned livestock continues today throughout the grazed 70% of the West, including public lands . . ."

Ranchers live in a world of self-imposed violence against animals. American ranchers continually shoot, trap, poison or persecute the following wild animals: coyotes, prairie dogs, mountain lions, bobcats, golden eagles, bighorn sheep, bison, wild horses, burros, jackrabbits and even ravens. Most are killed simply for sport. And don't forget roping, dragging, branding and castrating helpless calves. It appears that animal cruelty is a preferred lifestyle for some people.

It is neccessary for society to trivialize animal suffering for it to continue its oppression of animals. And where is it mandated that society be driven by conscience? More precisely, it is driven by the pleasure principle, sex, greed and aggression which explains the untold crimes committed against humans and animals. The driving force in society is greed and satisfaction of the senses; the slightest dietary self-sacrifice is considered too radical for most people.