Thursday, September 07, 2006


Now, there are many meat eaters, animal haters, cat haters, and so on who believe that killing cats is acceptable behavior. Apparently, though, a judge in Colorado does not believe that drowning felines is okay. According to the Boulder Daliy Camera (Sept. 8, 2006), Delene Madison Hart was sentenced to 45 days in jail, three years of probation, mental-health counseling, animal-
cruelty education and 120 hours of community service, preferably at an animal shelter. Hart was shocked by the sentence, which she will begin serving Monday, the Denver Post reported.

Hart, a 39-year-old mother, instructed 19-year old Kyle Bundy and her minor chuildren to drown their two cats in the family bathtub last year. The young children witnessed the killings. In June, she was convicted of aggravated animal cruelty, a felony.

Bear in mind that police stations across the country are filled with cases of animal cruelty, and thousands more of these incidents are not reported every year. Animal cruelty is a hidden epidemic. But it is NOT animal rights people who are drowning cats or shooting stray dogs or abusing dogs and cats. Nor are animal rights people torturing pets while children are forced to watch as their animals are killed, maimed or mutilated. Animal rights people would not create or tolerate such a sick and hostile environment.

So, don't let these psycho animal haters and animal killers get their perverted thrills. Prevent these atrocities if you can and have the courage and decency to report these incidents when they occur. Animal cruelty and child abuse is a hidden epidemic. Do your part to stop this pathological behavior.

Our jails, prisons, mental hospitals and entire penal system are not filled with vegetarians or animal rights activists. I'd like to see a single legitimate study showing that vegetarians have a higher percentage of wife-beating alcoholics than the general meat-eating public. Am I to believe that most pimps, drug users, drug dealers, prostitutes, killer cops and cop killers are vegetarians? Where are the studies proving that people eating a high animal-protein diet are living longer, healthier lives than strict vegetarians?